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Speech to text mobile apps!

Texting (or writing) with the thumbs ( oh yeah there is other ways to text now, other than with your thumbs)  is so old school! Yeah right,  thats what most “smart phone” users would say, me included because i recently switched over to the “smart” world a few weeks ago!

I have been texting  since around 2003 when i bought a Ericsson R520m and Digicel somehow had a problem (or maybe it was their rather smart way to snatch customers from poor bMobile)  keep their new customers from sending free text messages with internet enable phones.

Users back then who had internet enable phones could send text messages free all day and night until your thumbs sore and mine was SORE  i tell you, sore to the point that i had to put ice on it or suck it at times just to go back to work with those hot chicks i was hitting on in the chat rooms and i DID had a lot (couldn’t tell you where one of them is right now honestly) back then!

I was texting so hard (24 hours a day, believe it or not) untill my thumbs started having funny shapes and untill now i still have the thumbs to prove it!

Now that mobile phones have actually become “smart” you can actually “talk to them” and they hear you and write back what you tell them, among those smart phones are the iPhone, Windows Mobile and the Blackberry, just to name a few. Being that they are real smart talking to them and telling them what to do should be the ultimate thing right?

What would it be like to Instantly send a text or email message, call a friend, search the Web, update your Facebook or Twitter status, create a “note to self” and more by speaking to your smart phone?

These apps below will sure give you a “hand” in this busy world we living in!

Some of my favorite Speech to text Mobile apps!


What they Say:

Instantly send a text or email message, call a friend, search the Web, update your Facebook or Twitter status, create a “note to self” and more by speaking to your BlackBerry smartphone.

Vlingo Everywhere, a new feature of Vlingo 4.0 lets you use your voice to add text anywhere you’d normally type, instant messaging, calendar entry, adding contacts, getting directions and more.

Speak to virtually every application on your BlackBerry. Send a text, email or instant message, add a contact or calendar, search with Google, update Facebook or Twitter, and more by speaking!

  • Vlingo for BlackBerry
  • Vlingo for iPhone
  • Vlingo for Nokia
  • Vlingo for Windows Mobile


by Promtu

What They Say:

ShoutOUT is a full-featured messaging app with voice dictation. Speak your text messages or update your status on Facebook and Twitter, and see the results in seconds—there’s no faster way to create and send messages.

ShoutOUT allows you to send and receive Text messages at a cost far lower than the standard rates charged by mobile operators.

A Complete Messaging Application

  • Inbox and outbox
  • Discussions threaded by recipient
  • Status updates on Facebook and Twitter
  • Push notification of incoming messages
  • Headset support

Key Features

  • Free and unlimited typed messages
  • Pay only pennies for voice-generated messages
  • High accuracy speech recognition
  • Fully automated, real-time transcription — see results in seconds


by Promtu

What they Say:

The world’s first carrier-deployed, voice-to-SMS (text message) iPhone application, dettaSMS makes it fast and easy for people to stop tapping and start talking. Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) uses dettaSMS to tap into the power of voice and the popularity of SMS.


Users simply speak into their mobile devices, and dettaSMS does the rest. It’s built on Promptu’s Network Speech Recognition (NSR) technology for speed, accuracy, and scalability. Messages are transcribed in real-time (without human translation) and returned to the user immediately before sending.


Customers sending 1 or 1000 messages a day will find dettaSMS the easiest and most intuitive way to enter text into a mobile device. Just speak into your phone and dettaSMS converts your talk to text. You can also review and edit messages before sending or hit the “talk” button again to add to your message.

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